Receive 40%+ APR on Your Aave Market Tokens

QiDao Protocol
2 min readJul 18, 2021

TL;DR: QiDao introduces yield-bearing collateral vaults: a capital efficient way to borrow stablecoins.

Users can now lock compounding amwMatic in QiDao vaults to borrow MAI (miMatic) stablecoins. Being an interest-bearing token, camwMatic earns yield while being locked, making vaults more capital efficient. The launch of camwMatic vaults follows QIP 005, where community members voted to add camwMatic as a collateral asset for MAI.

Why should I use my Aave market Matic?

camToken vaults allow you to lock Aave market tokens (yield bearing tokens) and borrow MAI at 0% interest. This allows you to enhance your return, without increasing your risk profile considerably. After borrowing MAI, you can then provide liquidity to the MAI-USDC LP on QuickSwap, earning around 40% APR.

What is camwMatic?

camwMatic are tokens that compound all rewards gained from amwMatic. As a result, amwMatic balances are constantly increasing. amwMatic is received when users lock tokens on Aave Polygon. These tokens serve as proof of ownership for the Matic tokens locked and earn a return.

How do I get camwMatic?

Users can make their amwMatic tokens into compounding amwMatic tokens (camwMatic) by depositing amwMatic tokens into the Yield page. Doing so will instantly deposit camwMatic tokens into your wallet.

Will there be a debt ceiling?

Yes, the initial debt ceiling for MAI being borrowed from camwMatic vaults will be 500,000 MAI. The ceiling will be increased by 2 million MAI 48 hours after the debt ceiling is reached. Debt ceiling refers to the maximum amount that can be borrowed on aggregate through each collateral type vault.

Start borrowing MAI at 0% interest today at Check out our How To Guide on borrowing MAI.