QiDao Weekly Updates — Week 29 (11/15–11/21/2021)

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2 min readNov 22, 2021

Recent Announcements

  • Find our weekly fundamentals review on our Medium
  • Debt ceilings policy updated, check it on our official docs
  • The community has received a proposal from Beefy Finance to add mooBIFI as collateral for MAI — Snapshot
  • MAI included in Crodex on Cronos. Get CRX farming CRO-MAI and MAI-USDC
  • ETHAlend includes a new eVault, supply MAI-USDC and earn yields in QI and ETHA
  • JulCard adds MAI to their VISA Card
  • SpookySwap LPs added as collateral, use mooBooBTC-FTM and mooBooETH-FTM to borrow MAI
  • POAPathon submissions concluded. Winners will be announced SoonTM.
  • MAI’s first lending market on Fantom. Leverage MAI-USDC yield or lend MAI on Tarot Finance
  • MAI joins Polygon’s Green Market. Borrow MAI against BCT and sKLIMA or lend out MAI to earn interest
  • Voting to seed MAI into Market.xyz ‘s Green Leverage Locker.
  • QIP approved to incentivize MAI and QI liquidity on Avalanche
  • Farming live on Avalanche: QI-WAVAX and MAI-av3CRV
  • Amount of Qi staked 10,394,339
  • 9,562 addresses holding Qi


  • Harmony, Moonriver, Cronos Launch — waiting on Chainlink integration.
  • Creation of the Green Committee to make MAI a green stablecoin.
  • Voting on: Adding xJOE as collateral for MAI, Seeding Index Coop lending market on market.xyz with MAI, Tidal Finance insurance proposal
  • New liquidity pool being added on QuickswapDEX : HBAR-MAI
  • Increasing debt ceilings on Polygon (11/24). Fantom and Avalanche debt ceilings will be raised after watching MAIs peg performance.
  • Trader Joe LPs as collateral.
  • ELK farms launching Thursday
  • AMA with Elk Finance
  • NEAR Partnership
  • Partnership with Crypto Colosseum Launching Tuesday

Conversations in the works:

  • Market making for MAI
  • Liquidity incentives to increase demand for MAI
  • Cross chain partnerships with projects on Moonriver, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Cronos, Solana etc.
  • Creating committees lead by community members
  • Building an QiDao automation unit to build automations that will improve the protocol
  • SpiritSwap collaboration

Most Recent Fireside Chats and AMAs

You can find them all on our fireside chats on YouTube channel

You can also listen to our fireside chats and AMAs on our podcast channel on Spotify

Community growth

  • Lao Zi Twitter: 5,540 followers (5,22% increase)
  • QiDao Protocol Twitter: 7,900 Followers (6,92% increase)
  • Telegram: 1,747 members (1.16% decrease)
  • Discord: 5,808 members (2,18% increase)
  • Youtube: 327 subscribers (1,55% increase)

Asks for the the community

  • As we launch on other chains, help spread the word amongst your communities to try out our vaults.
  • Spread the word of our borrowing incentives. Share with communities to encourage them to use QiDao Vaults.
  • Engage in community discussions on Discord
  • Vote when we have QIPs out.
  • More important than ever are partnerships we can make on other chains — If you think of partnerships that can help please introduce us.

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