QiDao Weekly Updates — Week 26

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2 min readNov 2, 2021


Recent Announcements

  • Find our weekly fundamentals review on our Medium
  • Launched Beefy Scream LPs as collaterals for MAI on Fantom
  • Debt ceilings reached: camwMATIC (Polygon), camDAI (Polygon), yvWFTM (Fantom), WBTC (Fantom), WETH (Fantom) — Debt ceilings on Polygon are increased 48hrs after the debt ceilings are reached. The debt ceilings on Fantom will be increased in response to MAIs peg performance.
  • We’ve launched a vote to decide on whether to engage in strategic partnerships through KPI options. Vote
  • We’ve completed our second audit: Link
  • Zapper supports QiDao on Fantom
  • The community has voted to add $ONE as collateral for MAI
  • QiDao to receive a grant from Harmony
  • Pablo from the QiDao team gave a talk at Fantom DC about stablecoins
  • The community voted to incentivize MAI and QI liquidity on Fantom
  • QiDao helped Fantom host a $1 Million hackathon
  • QiDao was part of a Twitter Space on Polygons Twitter with Market and Beefy to celebrate the partnership
  • Amount of Qi staked 9,782,203
  • 8,923 addresses holding Qi

Upcoming Activities

  • Avalanche Launch
  • Harmony Launch
  • Moonriver Launch

Conversations in the works

  • Strategies with Polygon, Fantom, Harmony teams
  • Grant from NEAR
  • Partnership with Crypto Colosseum
  • Liquidity incentives
  • Cross chain partnerships with projects on Moonriver, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Cronos, Solana etc.
  • Hiring a PR/marketing firm
  • Creating committees lead by community members
  • Margin lending with partner DEXs
  • Polygon hackathon bounty — “How might we use automation within Mai.finance to improve the user experience?” — Team building auto-repaying loans.

Most Recent Fireside Chats and AMAs

You can find them all on our fireside chats on YouTube channel

You can also listen to our fireside chats and AMAs on our podcast channel on Spotify

Community growth

  • Lao Zi Twitter: 5,217 followers (3.53% increase)
  • QiDao Protocol Twitter: 5,781 Followers (29.85% increase)
  • Telegram: 1,684 members (0.41% decrease)
  • Discord: 5,197 members ( 14.4% increase)
  • Youtube: 315 subscribers (3.28% increase)

Asks for the the community

  • As we launch on other chains, help spread the word amongst your communities to try out our vaults.
  • Spread the word of our borrowing incentives. Share with communities to encourage them to use QiDao Vaults.
  • Engage in community discussions on Discord
  • Vote when we have QIPs out.
  • More important than ever are partnerships we can make on other chains — If you think of partnerships that can help please introduce us.

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