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2 min readJan 12, 2023


Empowering Communities: QiDao’s 1M eQI Delegation to UPenn Blockchain and DeFi LATAM

QiDao team is delegating some of its own QI voting power to key communities in the space. The goal is to engage with new circles as well as increase the public dialogue about QiDao.

The two communities we’re starting with are UPenn Blockchain and Defilatam. Both communities are incredibly active in the space and have knowledgeable members that will contribute to our DAO discourse.

FranklinDAO (Prev. Penn Blockchain)

Penn Blockchain, and its affiliated DAO (FranklinDAO), is a leading, completely student run blockchain DAO from The University of Pennsylvania for both undergraduate and graduate schools. The organization currently has over 70 members.

FranklinDAO has committees covering Governance, Research, Education, Business Development, and Development/Web3. On the governance side of things, the team has different members leading governance initiatives for the protocols it has delegations for. Current delegations include Maker, Compound, Uniswap, DyDx, IndexCoop, etc.


Defilatam is a community in South America that contains many influential latin american crypto builders, including members of MakerDAO, Optimism, WeLook, and other major projects. This community is also responsible for events like ETHLatam, which gather much of the South American crypto community.

South America is undeniably a hub for crypto, mainly focused in Argentina. Engaging with this community will open QiDao to a large percentage of the crypto user base. It will also allow QiDao to explore new products and use cases that tailor MAI and QiDao to the specific needs of the region.


As part of the delegation program, both communities will create content around QiDao and governance proposals. This will help increase their visibility and participation. The delegation to each community will be assessed by the team every 6 months based on the level of activity with QiDao and its governance.

  • Delegation amount: 1M eQI
  • Delegation tenor: 6 months

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