QiDao Analytics Team Receives Grant from Polygon Ecosystem DAO

QiDao Protocol
3 min readNov 15, 2021

QiDao is excited to announce that its Analytics committee has received a grant of $12,000 from Polygon Ecosystem DAO!

The grant, which will be distributed in milestones, will enable the committee to surface onchain data on QiDao and make it accessible to both investors and users. This will provide value in the form of data insights and analytics for users on Polygon. The grant will support QiDao in two key areas: data engineering and in the construction of transaction analytics dashboards.


The QiDao Analytics committee is an entirely community-run group within QiDao that focuses on data engineering for the DAO. Data engineering involves designing and creating custom abstraction tables that can be submitted to be used on the Dune Analytics platform. Abstractions are composable data blocks which reduce the complexity level of queries and standardizes the data in a customizable way which makes it easier to compose on chain data together from different protocols.

Once the abstractions have been completed, work can then be started on constructing the dashboards. There will be a total of four dashboards — two that show aggregate data at the protocol level for vaults and LPs and then two that will show user specific data for user’s respective vaults and LP positions.

The grant will be distributed in two parts split the following way:

Part 1 — Data Engineering:

  • Vault data (transactions, collateral ratio, collateral deposited/borrowed data) ($2k)
  • LP data (transactions, deposits/withdraws into LP positions, incentives per pool) ($2k)

Part 2 — Dashboard construction:

  • Aggregate & Historical Protocol Level Data for vaults and LPs (x2 dashboards @ $2k each)
  • Individual user vault and LP position (x2 dashboards @ $2k each)

“We are pleased to have our Analytics committee receive this grant from the Polygon Ecosystem DAO. This grant will allow QiDao to build a world class data analytics platform that will set the standard for providing data analytics on Polygon as the ecosystem continues to grow. It is also an important step in the further decentralization of QiDao, as the Analytics committee is an autonomous group within the protocol..” — QiDao Team

“We are very proud to confirm the approval of a Polygon Ecosystem DAO grant to QiDao. High quality data and analytics are central to delivering rewarding DeFi experience to the members of our community and in growing our ecosystem. We are very confident that this support for QiDao will enable the committee to contribute actively towards our shared ambition of positioning Polygon and the Ecosystem DAO as the innovation hub for the industry”. — QiDao Analytics Committee

About Mai Finance and QiDao

QiDao is Polygon’s first native stablecoin protocol, which has subsequently spread to other chains. It is self-sustaining, community-governed, and decentralized. Its stablecoin, MAI, is secured by being overcollateralized, ensuring that there is always more value locked in the protocol than the worth of outstanding MAI.

Mai Finance is a frontend for the QiDao Protocol, which allows users to interact with the various products of the protocol.

About Polygon Ecosystem DAO

The Polygon Ecosystem DAO serves as a support mechanism for the builder community on Polygon. It provides grants for projects that benefit the space.

How to submit a grant request

  1. Go to Polygon Ecosystem DAO Submission Form 35
  2. Fill the requested fields
  3. Submit the request
  4. Join Polygon Ecosystem DAO Discord Server 20
  5. Write your proposal name on the SUBMISSIONS channel
  6. Wait for Polygon Ecosystem DAO feedback
  7. Follow them on Twitter: @PolygonDao