QiDao adds cbETH as Collateral for MAI Stablecoin

QiDao Protocol
1 min readJun 8, 2023


MAI, the most crosschain decentralized stablecoin, has become the first major stablecoin to incorporate cbETH as collateral. This move expands the collateral options available to QiDao users, boosting flexibility and diversification.

0% interest loans

One of the most notable advantages of MAI loans is the absence of interest. QiDao offers 0% interest on stablecoin loans, meaning debt values do not increase over time.

Crosschain stablecoin

MAI stands out by being available on multiple chains. Users can leverage their assets across different networks without transferring collateral, offering seamless interoperability and maximizing opportunities. MAI uses a bridge-agnostic approach, allowing it to onboard and offboard bridges as technology evolves.

Proven track-record

MAI is one of the oldest decentralized stablecoins, with an over 2-year safety record. Additionally, MAI has been integrated on most major decentralized finance applications, such as Aave, Balancer, and Yearn. This provides users with various options after minting MAI with cbETH.

By accepting a diverse set of LSTs, MAI is contributing to the diversification of Ethereum stakers. This also places MAI at the heart of LSDfi.

The new cbETH collateral options can be view here: https://app.mai.finance/vaults/1/cbeth

For all questions regarding this integration, please visit our Discord server.